Fact or Myth?

Fact or Myth?

Q: You have exceeded 300 km/h with motorcycle

A: Myth, I tried to break 300 km/h with my Honda CBR 1100 XX Blackbird at abandoned Soviet airbase in Estonia around 2008. The bike was able to do it but I had to quit at 257 km/h.

Q: You have relieved yourself in a mine field

A: Fact. I was working in North-West Zambia and had to answer to the call of the nature. Local rules stated that a relief was to be made with such a distance to workers that no one could even see your back. I accidentally wandered to old mine field from Congo’s war, relieved myself and came back…

Q: You have written several books

A: Fact and myth. I have translated several exercise books early in my career from English to Finnish in the field of 3D modeling and I’ve written my Thesis as instruction manual. But I’ve not (yet) written in prose nor cooking book. Both are my dreams.

Q: You have played as hockey goalie against Sakari Lindfors

A: Fact. Although it was within a business hockey event. Sakke was significantly better goalie than I am.

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