If you absolutely, positively got to keep your operations running and challenges solved, you need expertise second to none. Come hell or high waters, high places or arctic temperatures, you need operational reliability second to none. When you really need an internationally experienced operator, who is top-notch when it comes to sales excellence, operational execution, troubleshooting and superb leadership skills, contact Kenttakoira.

Timo “Kenttakoira” Kettunen is especially suited to positions where you need combination of operational and business knowledge from various of environments, whether geographically varied or from different business areas. From Africa to Middle East and from North America to Europe, from sales to construction and from IT to manufacturing. Kenttakoira is a jack-of-all-trades at your service.

Being entrepreneurial person, he enjoys working in all levels of operations and seeing his handiwork to put in practice. He doesn’t mind rolling up his sleeves, putting boots down to mud or getting hands dirty. When a job needs to be done, it will be done.